How to ignore a word in search?

When I have a sentence like “Tour for glamour” and i want to detect words like “glamour” (because it has to be “glamor” in US-English), while “Tour” should not be detected, I used this Regex and Powersearch:

Source: our> -Tour

I always thougt, that with “-term” I make the search ignore that criteria, but now I realize, that the segment is not displayed at all, because the regex says, search for segments that contain “our>” AND do NOT contain “tour”.

Is there a method to say “ignore” a specific term? So that XBench detects “Tour for glamour” but highlights only “glamour”?

Thnx a lot.

Try the following:
our> OR ("Tour .+our>" OR "our> .*Tour")

PowerSearch: On
Search mode: Regular Expressions

Hi Oscar, I will try this, thnx.

But wouldn’t it make sense to add an “ignore function” or “ignore operator” that could be used instead of “-”?

I think this woul be very heplful and I would assume it shouldn’t be to difficult to implement?

If we add a longer list with terms to ignore, we would have quite a job to do with:
OR (“Tour .+our>” OR “our> .*Tour”) `