Mqxlz's from MemoQ 9.5 do not load


an mqxlz file generated by MemoQ 9.5 cannot be opened by my Xbench. The same happens with mqxliff files. I have confirmed this to be the case with two other users of MQ 9.5.

Our Xbenches say that the file was skipped due to a „Duplicate source”.

Mqxlz/mqxliff exported from the same project by older MemoQ 9.4.11 loads flawlessly.

Has something changed in the files generated by MemoQ that leads to this issue? Would you be able to adapt Xbench appropriately?


I am getting the same issue. Seems to be something changed in those exports with MQ 9.5.

Any fixes?


Would you be able to send one or more sample mqxlz files with the “Duplicate source” issue to Support?

We tried to reporduce the issue by creating a project on memoQ 9.5.8 and then importing an HTML file and a MS Word .docx file and the exported mqxlz files seem to work fine for both.

We have released Xbench 3.0 build 1520 which adds support for memoQ 9.5.

It can be downloaded from the Download page.

Hi Pep,
I confirm that build 1520 fixes the error generated by the previous build, thank you!

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