"Member not found" error when creating xls report

Hello, I am trying to export QA results to .xls in Xbench 2.9 but every time I do it, I get this error message:
“Member not found”

member not found - kopie

Xls report file is created after all but the table is always incomplete and most of the QA results are missing. Exporting to .html works fine, but my client requests reports in xls.

Originally, there was no MS Excell on my computer (we use WPS Office as an alternative), so I tried to install MS Excell but the problem persists.

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks for help!

Xbench requires Excel to export to Excel because it uses Excel automation.

Possibly the Excel automation classes are not correctly published on your system.

If you cannot fix your Excel installation, the workaround to get an Excel file is as follows:

  1. Export the QA report to HTML.
  2. Open the HTML report in Excel (perhaps this also works with WPS Office).
  3. Save the HTML report in Excel as .xls or .xslx