LanguageTool integration


there is a tool for grammar/advanced spell check called Language Tool ( It runs as a standalone app and as a server.

Some 3rd parties created a plugin that should enable integration of Xbench with this Language Tool. It is available here: (page in Polish, but google-translable to English).

What you supposedly need to do is to download the plugin file from here: It is a ZIP file containing a DLL and a very basic INI file. Then you are supposed to copy these files to the Xbench folder and after restarting Xbench a new option should appear in the XBench’s QA tab -> Check Group pane.

This, however, doesn’t happen for me.

Is it something that is supportable by you?

BTW, I just did the same with ancient XBench 2.9 and it worked.


I tried it by myself, and it works right now.

I guess the problem is that the program must be run under “Win32”.



@agnus, you need to ask the developer of the plugin that also develops a version of the plugin for 64 bits.

Xbench 2.9/3.0 32-bit Edition can load only 32-bit DLLs and Xbench 3.0 64-bit Edition can load only 64-bit DLLs.

Thanks a lot. I will pester the developer to recompile his plugins.