How to make <tag>TEXT</tag> searches end at the first closing tag when there are many instances

Hello, I understand the title is a bit wordy - I’ll try my best to explain.

I’m trying to create a check that make sure texts inside certain tags (code tags) are kept as-is in the translation. The text that can end up between the tags vary in length and characters.

Source: “(<t1fa5ed>(.*)</t1fa5ed>)=1”
Target: -@1
Regular expressions on, Powersearch

It works mostly great, but only a problem; there are cases where multiple codes are mentioned in the source, and this check treats all of the text between the first opening tag and the closing tag as one huge code.
Example: The <t1fa5ed>apt install</t1fa5ed> and <t1fa5ed>apt remove</t1fa5ed> commands must be prefixed with the <t1fa5ed>sudo</t1fa5ed> command.
Starting from “apt install” all the way up to “sudo” is treated as the code - it’s highlighted in Apsic check as well.

Since the “plain” words (text not wrapped by tags) between the first opening tag and the final closing tag are naturally translated, the check gives a false positive error.
Is there a way to tell the check to end at the respective closing tags?

You must create several checklist entries, to find more than 1 instance. For example, the following search should find any segment that contains at least 2 text between tags:

Source: "(\<t1fa5ed\>[^\<]*\</t1fa5ed\>)=1.*(\<t1fa5ed\>[^\<]*\</t1fa5ed\>)=2"
Target: -@1 OR -@2
Search mode: Regular Expressions
Powersearch: on.

Thanks for the quick assistance as always, it works :smile: