Custom check for full stops at the end not working

we are trying to get a custom check to flag instances where there is missing period at the end of target when the period is at the end of source. We tried these:
Source: \.[:space:]*$
Target: -\.[:space:]*$

Source: \.$
Target: -"\.$"

In both cases PwrSrch is on, using RegEx in source and target.
In both cases the check will not find the instances with this error. The only check that kinda works is:

Source: \.
Target: -\.

But it won’t work in case there are for example multiple sentences in target although the period at the end of the segment is missing, because there were some periods found in the text.

Could you please let me know how to fix that?

I believe that in the second one, source would need to be enclosed with double quotes.

At least it works for me that way. This search is item #13 in the Search Templates. The screenshot below shows a working search (Powersearch mode) and also indicates where you can find item #13 in the Search Templates.

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thanks a lot for your reply.
I finally found out that it did not work for me for very stupid reason - when exporting the file from XTM, it includes also these start/ending tags which was considered to be the end of line if you don’t have “ignore tags” checked. Obviously, there were no periods after that tag…

Hopefully this post will at least help people who were as lost as me.

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