Highlighting term in error in source - not working consistently

In the QA view, if the Error description correspond to the english word “for” it is hard to locate where “for” is in a quite long sentence, as it it is not highlighted in yellow in the bottom window.
Every other Error description I can see are highlighted in yellow and easy to locate.
Is this “bug” strike for other short words? I am not sure, but it is annoying as I have hard time to work in this case searching the full source sentence.


Could you please contact support with a sample file together with your Xbench project or checklist entry so that we can reproduce this issue?


Just did send 2 screenshots and my bug report.

I am sending you the SDL Trados test project along with the TM and termbase I used to demonstrate the error I am reporting.

I attached the Xbench project files


(Attachment Project 22.2018-10-17-11.13.12.xbp is missing)

(Attachment Terms.sdltb is missing)

(Attachment ClaimsAccR71(3).docx.sdlxliff is missing)

(Attachment Project 22_Claims_test.sdltm is missing)

(Attachment Project 22.sdlproj is missing)

(Attachment ClaimsAccR71(3).docx is missing)

(Attachment QA.docx is missing)


Screen shots

This bug occurs when there is more than one source key terms. We have created a task to fix this issue.

As key term mismatch check is case-insensitive, removing one of the two source terms (for or FOR) will fix this issue. The source key term will be highlighted at the details section

It will also match the source term if it is lowercase or uppercase.