Question about Key term mismatch


I’m using QA with Key term mismatch on “English to Korean” translation job.

There is a key term about “Rectangle/사각형” and
there are many error sentence “Rectangle” to “직사각형”.
but all 직사각형 is not displayed on QA result.

How can I check like these error.

Hello Seonho,

When checking CJK terms, key term mismatch is not match whole word by default. As an alternative, you can create a checklist to check key terms:

  1. Go to the Search tab.
  2. Run the following search:
    Source term: Rectangle
    Target term: -사각형
    Match Whole Word checkbox: On.
  3. Press Ctrl+P to run a PowerSearch.
  4. Click on the Add Last Search to Checklist at the right of the options toolbar.

In this way, you can check Korean terms.

Please note that I assume that Korean inserts spaces between words.



Hi Omartin, I am also using the QA function for the Key Term Mismatch, I upload a Bilingual file(Chinese - English), and a TBX file with many key terms. One of the key term is 小丑 => Joker), however, the error of the key term mismatch is not displayed, but some others are displayed. May I know why?
I have tried to use your reply to the previous questioner, but it doesn’t work. How can I fix it and make sure the QA can display all the key terms error?

Hi Ellen,

When checking key terms mismatches, Xbench considers source term as Match Whole Word by default. Thus, if you translate from an Asian language such as Japanese or Chinese, key term mismatch will not work. You should consider using checklists.


Hi Oscar,
Thanks a lot for your reply! Do you have any guidance of how to using checklists for Asian language? I will try it out.
But regarding this question, strangely, I still wonder why is it that most key terms(Source:Chinese;Target:English) can still be checked out with this feature"Key Term Mismatch", only a few terms not work?


Hi Ellen,

The team has created a task to improve the key term mismatch feature from Chinese to English.



Could you please provide us with some sample files in order to reproduce the problem? Please use the Support -> Contact Support form in to submit them.