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Question about Key term mismatch


I’m using QA with Key term mismatch on “English to Korean” translation job.

There is a key term about “Rectangle/사각형” and
there are many error sentence “Rectangle” to “직사각형”.
but all 직사각형 is not displayed on QA result.

How can I check like these error.

Hello Seonho,

When checking CJK terms, key term mismatch is not match whole word by default. As an alternative, you can create a checklist to check key terms:

  1. Go to the Search tab.
  2. Run the following search:
    Source term: Rectangle
    Target term: -사각형
    Match Whole Word checkbox: On.
  3. Press Ctrl+P to run a PowerSearch.
  4. Click on the Add Last Search to Checklist at the right of the options toolbar.

In this way, you can check Korean terms.

Please note that I assume that Korean inserts spaces between words.