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Question about terminology

Hello, can Xbench detect the following terminology error?

Source text: Chicken and chicken recipe
Target text: Tuna e eeceita de frango
Term base:
Chicken = frango
Chicken recipe = receita de frango

In the case above, the correct target text should be Frango e receita de frango, but it seems that it is not detected as a terminology error since the translation of “Chicken” exist in the latter half of the sentence “Chicken recipe = receita de frango”. I was wondering if there is a way to detect them by additional settings. I am sorry for bothering you for this but I appreciate if you could check about this.

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The following checklist entry should help:

1st. Sentences with one chicken
Source: "chicken"
Target: -"frango"
Search mode: Regular Expression
PowerSearch: On.

2nd. Sentences with 2 chicken
Source: "chicken .* chicken"
Target: -"frango .* frango"
Search mode: Regular Expression
PowerSearch: On.

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