Generating QA reports from command line

Is it possible to generate QA reports for given files with the use of given standard checks and given personal checklists from command line?

Hey, Awijas… Have you got any solution for this issue? I am facing similar kind of problem currently… !

Yes, I received some info from support. The most relevant parts:

"Currently it is possible to launch Xbench with selected standard QA checks defined in .xml file and the files and checklist to use in a .xbp file, so that you have to just click “Check Ongoing Translation” to open the report in Xbench and interact with the results."
File formats documentation: ApSIC Xbench 3.0 file formats documented on Github

“It is not possible to obtain directly a .html or .xlsx file with the QA results. You need to export it manually after having interacted with it.”