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Feature request: spell checker > exclude words in lower case that match the segment



during spell check I can exclude words in mixed case and in UPPERCASE with a match in a source segment. In translations, where I have to keep original words (e.g. UI elements) and put translation in brackets it significantly reduces the number of false positives.

However, I miss a feature that would also allow me to exclude words in lower case that have a match in the source. Same reason as above. :slight_smile:



We’ll think about it.

We understand the pain point of having to quote the original UI, but also recognize that many spelling errors have these origins:

  • Translating in overwrite mode, especially among similar languages where you can reuse a lot of words (Spanish to Catalan for example).

  • Accidentally forgetting to delete source text from the end of the segment.

Probably the untranslated UI must have some special processing (i.e. UI fragments left in purpose collocate, have certain capitalization rules or delimiters, etc).