Enable/disable case-sensitivity

To control the case-sensitivity of a regex I learned that I could use (?i) to activate the case-sensitivity and (?-i) to deactivate it. This does not work with Xbench. As far as I could see, the default is case-insensitive, and there is a checkbox to make the entire expression case sensitive, correct? This will work for almost all needs.A rare exception would be when I want to control the case of only a part of the expression. If I want to allow any variation of iPhone, Iphone or iphone, but want to have Apple capitalized only, and not apple, it would take some thinking. In any case, my question is: please confirm that I can’t use (?i) or (?-i) and there is nothing similar. Thanks in advance

Xbench works in a different way. Searches are case-insensitive by default.

If you enable the Case-sensitive check box in Regular Expressions search mode, you can make a part of that search case-insensitive.

For instance, if you search A(pple)%, Xbench will display all segments that contain APPLE and Apple but not apple.

Thanks for the answer. I just noticed that the % operator is in the Help, I should search more carefully, sorry about that.