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Compare Reports

Hello dear team,

Is there a way in XBench to compare reports?
Let me explain. There are times when we need to run multiple QA rounds. After completing the first round and mark the issues as Fixed or Ignored, it would be very helpful and useful to have a functionality to eliminate the issues that were marked as Ignored in the first round and report only issues that were skipped or omitted, or generated after certain corrections.
Is there any way this could be done in XBench currently? If not, would it be a feature that could possibly be developed in the future?
Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,

Hi Eftychia,

Maybe a quick way would be to export the QA reports as html.
Then, open the files with Word and save as .docx files.
Finally, compare both files with Word.


Hello Oscar,

Thank you for your reply and the solution provided.
I have tried this solution, but it does not help, because when the QA runs the second time, it does not create identical results, thus such compare simply does not work since the documents are different. Word can compare only identical documents.
I think it is more a programming procedure, where the program should check possibly segment IDs or something deeper than a simple compare and bring only unique results when the QA is run the second time.

Thank you!

Xbench allows you to mark issues.

We understand that what you wish is that Xbench somehow saves (or allows you to save) marked issues.

This way, when you run a second pass on the same file, the very same issues (i.e. same file, same segment number, same source and target text, same issue type) are marked again, so that you can hide them.

We will create a task in the DB so that this idea is considered for implementation in a future update.

That would be great!
Thank you very much!