Checking forbidden terms in SDLTB - not working?


I’ve got a rather complex MT termbase with a term-level attribute “status”, containing the value “deprecated” (picklist item). This is defined in the Xbench project settings as the forbidden value.
The SDLXLIFF in the project being checked contains “deprecated” terms in the target segments. Studio finds these correctly, but Xbench does not.

Can someone give some hints on why it may not be working?


When a .sdltb file is loaded with forbidden terms definition, currently Xbench does the following:

  • If you search for the term, the forbidden term appears with NO in front of it
  • If the MultiTerm glossary is defined as Key Terms, and you run the Key Terms Check, the “deprecated” term will not be considered for key term checking, avoiding false positives.

With your MultiTerm file, are you experiencing the above behavior? If not, please send the file (or a dummy sample file) to Support.

In other words, the Key Terms Check is not (yet) acting as a blacklist provider.

This means that currently the workaround to get banned terms checking, would be to separately process the .sdltb file and build a Xbench Checklist that acts as a blacklist. This blog post can help to see how to create a blacklist.

Hi and thanks for the reply,

that is the thing - the terms are not marked with “NO” or in red as I would expect them to, so of course the check cannot pick up on their status. In my project, EN “photo-printer” and DE “Photodrucker” are both forbidden. “photo-printer” is used once in a source segment, “Photoprinter” appears in segment 2.

Why are they not recognized as forbidden terms?

Update - I’m getting it to work now for the simplistic Printer.sdltb:

But I’m still struggling with my more complex sdltb with “deprecated” terms.

I’ll be in touch through support, then.