Android Escape Characer RegEx Power Search

I would like assistance on how to find any special characters (such as apostrophe) in Android XML file that does not have the escape character “”.

So that i would receive a report when linguist forget to add the “” before such special characters (mainly Quotation marks and Apostrophes).


It would be helpful if you provide more information about how these characters should be entered on the bilingual file. Could you please post some right and wrong samples?

Here is a string from the xml that shows when we need to know if a excape character is missing:

Il sistema dispone di %1$d dispositivi che saranno inutilizzabili dopo l\’eliminazione del sistema. Sarà necessario aggiungere nuovamente tali dispositivi a un sistema per utilizzarli.

The above string would not have the string ID showing in TRADOS but included just in case it helps.

We are trying to figure out a way to know if a apostrophe or quote is missing the “” (backslash). So when we run the tool for Regex it will flag these that don’t have it.


The following searches should help you:

Missing escape character before apostrophe:
Target: ' -\'
Search mode: Simple
PowerSearch: On

Missing escape character before opening or closing quotes
Target: """" -"\"""
Search mode: Simple
PowerSearch: On
Normalize Native Characters: On (to find all types of quotes)