Searching for specific quotation marks

Hi, I would like to search for a specific type of quotation marks in the source that do not appear in the target.
So using a regular powersearch it would be something like
Source: "
Target: -"
Powersearch: ON
Searchmode: Simple

This is obviously not working, and I tried to introduce a double quotation but it still does not work.
A colleague show me a way to do it introducing the ASCII code of the double quotes:
Source: \x22
Target: -\x22
Powersearch: ON
Searchmode: Regular expressions

This works great but I wonder if there is an easier way to do that without having to search for the ASCII code of every type of quotes used at the text.

Every suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Since the double quote has a meaning in PowerSearch mode, if you have a double quote as part of the search string, you need to to escape it with a sequence of two double quotes in a row. That is, you should specify:

Source: """"
Target: -""""
PowerSearch: ON
Search Mode: Simple

Out of the sequence of four double quotes, the first and the fourth double quotes mean “Start and End of string” and the second and the third double quote means “Escaped double quote”.


Thanks for the option pcondal, it also works!