Xbench Unable to Detect Duplicate Words in Sinhala Language


As shown in the following sample, there are two identical words “යම්” in the target, but it appears the repeated function in Xbench is unable to detect this issue. Please enhance to improve this function.

English sentence: Provide shortcut features on the Video Assistant panel in certain scenarios.
Sinhala language translation: යම් යම් අවස්ථාවල දී වීඩියෝ සහායක කවුළුව මත කෙටිමං වි‍ශේෂාංග සැපයීම.

According to Sinhala: 0D80-0DFF, try the following search:

Target; "(<[\x0D80-\x0DFF]+>)=1 <@1>"
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: on