Passolo 2022 Plugin

I have installed the Passolo plugin for Passolo 2022 (from the main download page).
However, the XBench icon does not show in Passolo after various restarts/reinstall.
I have tried looking for it, but cannot locate the directory with the necessary files.
Please help.

I just tried installing Passolo 2022 and after that installing the Passolo plugin (build 10), and it shows on the Tools tab:

Is Passolo completely closed when running the plugin installer?

Yes, it was as closed as it could get.
It is Passolo Translator Edition
and ApSIC Xbench addin for SDL Passolo

That is my exact setup.
Can you see it if you click on the Add-ins button and selecting the Tools tab?

I had not installed the update.
After updating to the latest version (22.0.116) and rebooting, the icon displayed normally.
Problem solved.