BETA - New ApSIC Xbench Addin for Passolo!

We’re happy to announce that we have just released the first beta of the Xbench Add-In for Passolo. It currently supports Passolo 2011 Translator Edition and Passolo 2016 Translator Edition.

You will see that the Add-in for Passolo works similarly to the Xbench Plugin for Studio:

  1. You first open Passolo project or projects that you wish to to QA.
  2. Go to Tools->Xbench and then click Run QA in Xbench.

The following dialog will appear, where you can select if you want to include only the active project or all loaded projects, and also which target language and kind of segments you wish to include in QA.

After you click Run QA, Xbench will open instantly with all segments selected in Choose QA Scope loaded as medium priority (maroon font) and considered as ongoing translation.

The segments not included will still be loaded by Xbench with low priority (blue font) and although you will be able to find them via the Xbench Search tab, they will not be considered for QA.

We hope you find useful this new integration. The Xbench Add-In for Passolo beta is available for download here.

If you run into any issue or have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: For the moment the Add-In beta is not available for Passolo 2015 Translator Edition.