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Order of Personal Checklist items in QA report

How to make Xbench show Personal Checklist items in the report in the same order as they are in the checklist file?
Now it seems that the order is completely random.

The items appear in the report as soon as the first instance of an issue in the checklist is found in a file. So they are sorted by first appearance.

Please note that, if several checklists are verified, Xbench does not try to group them by checklists. One of the reasons is that, for example, several checklists in the QA pass may contain duplicated checklist items (for example a checklist is inherited multiple times by several other checklists), Xbench only executes the specific checklist item once per QA pass. So trying to group by checklist would not make sense because the optimization might not execute all items in a checklist if there are duplicates.

Thank you for the answer. If I understand well, this behavior cannot be changed, right? So even if I’m using only one personal checklist, there’s no way to get a report sorted the same way as the items in the checklist? Isn’t there any workaround to do such sorting in Excel?

It cannot be changed. We currently optimize the output for issue-fixing:

  • Be able to discard quickly if a checklist item is clearly full of false alarms.
  • Within results for a checklist item, try to group items of the same translation file together.

I’d say it would be elaborated to write an Excel macro to re-sort the output. If you have programming skills, I would probably recommend to export the QA report to .XML, sort the XML file using the .xbckl file (also an XML file) as a sort reference, and finally create your own output (perhaps a XLST transform).

To understand a little better the need, may I ask which is the use case for sorting by checklist item order?

Thank you for the suggestions.
The cause is that I’m trying to improve the checklist on the basis of false positives found in reports, and instead of adjusting the checklist items easily in their real order, I have to run back and forth to find the item due to lack of sorting.

You can edit checklist items directly at the QA tab. To do so, just right-click on the issue title (in bold) or any segment and select Edit Checklist Item.

Xbench will open the corresponding Edit Checklist Item window for you to fix any issue so that you can remove false positives.

Hi, can I add a question to this topic?

XBench displays all checks starting with German umlauts (ä,ö,ü) at the end of the list. This should not happen :frowning:

Best regards