Interface corrupted after resuming PC from sleep (different monitor resolution)

Please, I tend to use the Windows “sleep” feature and transfer my PC home from work and vice versa. However, after waking up the computer and resuming work, the XB interface gets corrupted on a regular basis, i.e. instead of displaying the results in “Source” and “Traget” columns, the main window shows only filenames of the respective files and the very results are shown in the bottom pane (the one result from the particular file pair I click on in the main window). I have to close XB and reopen the project which is rather time consuming. Don’t know whether it’s due to the sleep function or switching between two different monitor resolutions in the home/work location, respectively.
Someone ever experienced the issue?
Many thanks,

Are you using the latest build of Xbench? It’s 1454 as of today. If not, which one are you on? You can check it on Help -> About.
There were some changes between December and January that might fix this specific issue.

Yes, it’s been the latest version. ZR

Thanks, I’ve been able to reproduce the problem. The next build will contain a fix to prevent these columns from having zero width.

Great, my pleasure. Many thanks. ZR