How to search with two different format rules for UI?


I have a document, which has two different format rules for UI, like [ABC] and [[[XYZ]]].

Just wondering that is there any better filters to divide it into two parts?

I wrote an expression by myself to search for UI format in both source and target fields.

It looks like this:

And the result looks like this:

However, could someone help me divide my expression into two parts individually, please?

For example, Expression A can search for all [ABC] but [[[XYZ]]], and Expression B can search for [[[XYZ]]] but [ABC].

To get get [[[XYZ]]], this search should work:

Target: "<\[{3}[^\]]+\]{3}>"

To get [ABC], use this other one:

Target: "[^\[]<\[[^\]+\]>[^\]]"

In both cases the search mode should be regular expressions and enable PowerSearch.

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Dear Sir,

Thank you very much!

It really helps me a lot.

The first Expression for [[[XYZ]]] works perfectly for me; however, the second one for [ABC] is not working in my filter.

I tried to modify it according to the first expression, it looks like this:

Target: “<[^{1}]+]{1}>”

(with Power Search and Regular Express are both enabled)

Unfortunately, it shows [ABC] and [[[XYZ]]] together.

Could you help me out again, if possible?

My apology for any trouble, and wish you a nice weekend. :grinning:

This search should find all instances of [ABC] and exclude segments containing [[[XYZ]]].

Target: "\[[^\]]+\]" -"\[{3}"
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On.

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Dear Sir

It works perfectly right now.

My appreciation is beyond expression. :grinning:

Have a great weekend as well!