ApSIC Memsource Connector

I have been experiencing issues with the Memsource connector. For the same request, when I try to use the connector to run the checks for the files, sometimes i get the message that there is no file to run the checks, sometimes it says there is an address error and sometimes it would run the report. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue? It seems the preformance was not stable for me. (I am using the newest build 1369 with 64 bit.)

In addition, when I try it with a project with termbase, it will load it but indicating there is 0 segments.

I am wondering what is the cause for this. Thank you in advance!

Are you sure that you are using build 1369 for the Memsource Connector?

The build number is indicated in Help->About in the Memsource Connector (please do not confuse it with the Help->About in Xbench itself, where there is also a build number that could be 1369).

Hi pcondal,
Thank you for your prompt response. Yes. I am using the most recent 1639 :slight_smile: