Regular expression to wrong acronym translation


What’s the regular expression to detect wrong acronym translation?
For example, “Skilled nursing facility (SNF)” needs to be translated as “전문 요양 시설(Skilled nursing facility, SNF)”, which is “translation(full English, acronym)”.
What I’d like to detect from target like “not any number of characters(source full English, source acronym)”.

Thank you.

I think you may have a chance to create a rule that would detect acronyms missing from target, but that would be all. Without some semantic awareness it’s impossible to tell what should be the full English name and, therefore, to check for it’s source/target consistency.

What’s the regular expression for the followings?

Source: any number of alphabets(any number of upper case alphabets)
Target: any number of letters(source full alphabets, source upper case alphabets)


This is above the possibilities of regular expressions. In this case, to find these segments in Xbench, the only way would be to write a QA plugin, but that requires programming skills.