REGEXP to find one character exactly once in a segment

I never found a solution to the original problem, so I’m reframing it:

Is it possible to write a RegExp to match if a segment has one spesific character once and just once.
(In practice, I want to spot a lone " in a segment)

Original issue and background: Unpaired quotes false+

This works for me:

Quotation marks to be used in target - ALT+0148: ”xxx”:

Source: leave blank
Target: “|„|«|»|"|‘|’

I am not 100% sure what you mean by “just once”, but the above will check that your target does not contain any of the mentioned in the RegEx, which are the most common - in other words only “alt+0148”
I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you Amba!

However, I think I did not explain well enough. I want to spot unpaired quotes, like this:

  1. THIS IS OK, should not match: correct ”xxx” quotes
  2. THIS IS WRONG, should match: incorrect ”xxx quotes, closing is missing

So, why I don’t just use the built-in quote check? Because XBench does not understand that 1) is correct, but reports all such segments (because it thinks that it should be “xxx”, like in English.