I get a "numeric mismatch" due to abbreviation dot being read as decimal point

In the source language (English) the texts are “Unit No.1 …” where there is a number led by the abbreviation “No.” and when translated into the target language (Chinese) there is no leading abbreviation but replaced by an “ordinal follower (ordinal noun)” if you will, i.e. “1号机组” (No.=号,Unit=机组) and because the dot in the source language is read by XBench as a decimal point, a numeric mismatch is reported apparently because 0.1 not equals 1.
Previously, I vaguely remember but am not sure that the problem can be solved by making sure “No.” is included in TM settings -> Language resources -> Abbreviation list. But this time, “No.” is already there in the list. I’m guessing that when there is a space in between “No. 1” then “No.” is recognized as an abbreviation but when there is no space i.e., “No.1”, then XBench no longer sees No. as an abbreviation but the dot is considered decimal point and the number is read as “0.1”

Hello again, I just upgraded to the new version and there is no longer such a problem