How to match multiple instances in the source


I try to ensure that all placeables in square brackets are left untranslated.

Source: [years] years, [months] months, [days] days
Target: [years] години, [months] месеца, [days] дни

I use the following regex powersearch search:
Source: “([([^[]]*)])=1”
Target: -"@1"

The search matches the first instance only ("[years]" in my example) and ignores the rest. If there’s an error in the second or third placeable ([months] or [days]), they cannot be caught.

Is there a solution for this?

You can concatenate several variables (@1, @2, etc) but it is a bit elaborate and may miss some edge cases.

Perhaps I would recommend instead the workaround to create a dummy file with tags suggested here.