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Regex for target equals source in brackets


Hi everyone!

I swear I read all questions in this Forum and the guide in documentation folder, but I am unable to create a simple regex code.

The source has expressions inside square brackets that should not be translated, like this:
Bill by Default [Label][Consultants].

The target must be:
Cobrar por padrão [Label][Consultants]

Some segments have 2 sets of brackets (with or without space between the brackets), others have just 1 and others have only the expression inside brackets and nothing more.

I am proofreading this file that has over 55.000 words. The translator did not followed the rules and has translated some of the expressions. For now I am checking one by one, but it is driving me crazy. I spent several hours reading this forum and the documentation, doing a lot of tests and I did not find a regex code that worked as I need.

It must be a regex code that indicates the segments in target that have expressions inside brackets that are different of the source. I think it must be a very simple one, but I cannot manage to write it.

Would you help me, please? Thanks in advance!

Um abraço,


Hi Silvia,

The following regex should match one or more expression inside square brackets (with or without spaces between the brackets):

Source: "((\[[[:alphanum:][:space:]]+[:space:]*\])+)=1"
Target: -@1
Search mode: Regular Expressions.
Powersearch: On.

Best regards,


Dear Oscar,

I knew I could count on you, thanks a lot! But unfortunately I need more help. The code functioned very well when in the source there is only one expression in brackets (see lines 1-4 in the image below). But when there are 2 expressions in brackets together in source and they are inverted in target, Xbench is showing these segments as mismatches (lines from 5 to…). These should not appear in the report, because the expressions are correct.


Well, I have now a report showing 502 entries as mismatches, but most of all are false positives. Can you help me once more?

Thank you very, very much!

Um abraço,


If expressions in brackets are not together in target, you should use a different regular expression that checks segments with one term in brackets:
Source: "(\[[[:alphanum:][:space:]]+[:space:]*\])=1"
Target: -@1
Search mode: Regular Expressions.
Powersearch: On.

In order to check segments with two terms in brackets that have been modified in target, you should use this one:

Source: "(\[[[:alphanum:][:space:]]+[:space:]*\])=1[^\[]*(\[[[:alphanum:][:space:]]+[:space:]*\])=2"
Target: -@1 OR -@2
Search mode: Regular Expressions.
Powersearch: On.


Hi, Òscar!

Now it is everything working as it should be. From those 502 entries in last report, I have now only 33. That is marvelous!

I have no words to thank you.

Um abraço,