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Highlighting multiple occurrences

I’m looking for any occurrence of number-space-Mbps, e.g. “1000 Mbps”.
It highlights only the first occurrence, but I would like to highlight all occurrences.
No regexps I tried seem to work, e.g. http://glbl.me/1neo

To find multiple occurrences, it is necessary to create several checklist entries.

For instance:

Source: "(<[0-9]+>)=1[:space:]Mbps.+(<[0-9]+)=2[:space:]Mbps"
Target: -@1[:space:]Mbps OR -@2[:space:]Mbps
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On

This regular expression will find all segments that contain at least two occurrences in source but one of them is missing in target.

To find segments with 3 occurences, you would run the following one:

Source: "(<[0-9]+>)=1[:space:]Mbps.+(<[0-9]+)=2[:space:]Mbps.+(<[0-9]+)=3[:space:]Mbps"
Target: -@1[:space:]Mbps OR -@2[:space:]Mbps OR -@3[:space:]Mbps
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On

You can find more information on regex syntax at https://docs.xbench.net/user-guide/regular-expressions.

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