Numeric Mismatch


I was surprised that I didn’t receive an error on a numeric mismatch in this instance:
Source: If the velocity is .70 m/sec, the de-aliasing velocity will be 1.40m/sec.
Target: Si la velocidad es de 70 m/s, la velocidad de de-aliasing será de 1.40 m-s.

It came up as under repeated word for ‘de de’, but not for the numeric mismatch. Does this not include decimal points?


In fact it does, but apparently it seems that there is a bug in the parser when the number omits the integral part and the correspoding number does not have decimals

So, currently it detects issues such as 7.0 -> 70, or even .70 -> 7,0 but due to the parsing bug, it does not detect your example, .70 -> 70.

We’ll create a task in our DB to fix this bug in a future update.

In the meantime, your workaround to mitigate this bug would be to have a couple of checklist items (please note double quotes are significant):

A) Source number in the middle of the segment, preceded by a space:

Source: "[:space:]\.([0-9]+)=1"
Target: "[:space:]@1" or "^@1"
PowerSearch: ON
Regular expressions: ON

B) Source number right at start of segment:

Source: "^\.([0-9]+)=1"
Target: "[:space:]@1" or "^@1"
PowerSearch: ON
Regular expressions: ON