Missing languages for spell checking


Is it possible to add other langue dictionaries for spell checking than onyl the ones that can be selected from the list in xbench?



For languages not present in the list of spell-checking dictionaries, go to Tools > Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word to check spelling and grammar.

You must have the corresponding dictionary for Word installed on your computer.

You may contact support to suggest new spell-checking dictionaries.


Hi Omartin,

Isn’t there a way to use other dictionaries, because for this specific language Word dictionary is complete crap. But if I get it right, there is no way to use other (custom, hunspell,…) dictionaries within Xbench. That’s very bad. :frowning:



Which language are you interested in?


Luxembourgish for example. But variants for German and French like for Austria, Belgium or Luxembourg would also be interesting.